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Shepherd Senior Living

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Shepherd Senior Living

Our Pricing

Pricing for residing in one of our assisted living homes varies depending on single occupancy or double occupancy, a short term stay or long term stay. Prices also vary depending on the level of care your elderly loved one needs.
Upon Management approving, an individual for admission to "Shepherd Senior Living", the person concerned will be required to fulfill the following financial obligations before commencement of his/her stay as a resident of "Shepherd Senior Living".

Pay Security Deposit as indicated below

Note : Under no circumstances, the Security Deposit money held with the Management can be used towards personal expenditure or any Medical treatment / Hospitalisation of the residents.

The above amounts of Security Deposit will not carry any interest and is refundable as per following conditions:

Monthly Contribution

Pay an amount as applicable below, as monthly contribution on account of food, service, amenities, facilities, repairs & maintenance and other sundry expenses:

The amount has to be paid in advance on the 1st of each English Calendar month and is to be paid for six months at a time.

The above charges may be varied at the sole discretion of the Management on giving prior notice.

Note : If any one of the couple expires, the surviving member will suffer from emotional trauma but, the surviving member shall have to pay the charges as per the room type he/she continues to occupy.

Personal Miscellaneous Expenditure

Keep a balance of Rs. 15,000/- with the Management which is extra over above. This amount is to meet the residents’ personal expenses like personal medicines, toileteries, clothes, car hire for personal use, doctors’ fees in case of personal consultation, personal ayah, repairing of personal items like spectacles, shoes, transistor etc., foods ordered on personal choice for self or guests etc.

Medical Facilities and Charges at Shepherd Senior Living

The residents are required to fulfill the following financial obligations towards probable medical emergency before commencement of his/her stay as a resident of “Shepherd Senior Living”:

In such case Management will inform the local guardian/children & guarantor to decide on the treatment. The Management will have the responsibility only for the start of treatment.
In case hospitalization is required Management shall only admit the resident to hospital/nursing home but responsibility of treatment and all financial responsibility shall lie on the local guardian/children & guarantor.
In case, the resident returns to “Shepherd Senior Living” from hospital/Nursing Home, he/she has to have a deposit of full Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand) only, with the Management towards further probable medical emergency.

Admission Process

Our team will work closely with you to assist you through each of the following six stages of admission.

Document collection

Prepare all important documents including government identification, legal waiver, medical authorization, and financial records/bank statement.

Medical approval

Submit medical records to ensure we can accommodate their care needs. At this point our Facility Manager may require additional tests and a medical assessment from our side.

Service agreement

Once approved, you will need to complete and sign our service agreement - this will include an agreement of the move-in date.

Security deposit

Finally, you will need to pay your security deposit (as this is the only way to guarantee a spot in our facilities.)

Logistics + preparation

Once it’s time to move in, we will help prepare your room and assist in the transition including booking and arranging accommodation for visiting family.

Moving + settling in

And it’s finally time to move into your new home! Our Facility Manager will be there to greet you and ensure the move is smooth. We request high involvement from the family during this time.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set standard of excellence for skilled nursing facilities by providing exceptional care that enhances the quality of life for our clients with respect and dignity.
Establish service oriented institutions based on humane, philanthropic and secular principles of love to provide food for the hungry, clothes for the unclad, shelter for the destitute, and care for the sick. Establish service oriented institutions based on the ethnic principle of love, fraternity, compassion and sacrifice

About the Founder

International Gospel Ministry

Molly T. Philip belongs to a traditional and conservative Jacobite Syrian Christian family from South India. She was brought up under a strict traditional Christian discipline. After completing her pre-requisites from the University of Kerala, she moved to Bombay.