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Shepherd Senior Living

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Shepherd Senior Living

Our Services

Our highly trained, dedicated, talented, gifted, caring and compassionate staff meets a full spectrum of personal care needs.

Our team members are trained to be the pivotal link for the client and access to community services. Our personal care team can mediate and offer solutions to crisis situations, provide short term counseling, teach independent living skills and provide needed resources to caregivers.

Life Care Planning

We offer solutions to crisis situations. Unplanned events in life are difficult to deal with. We can help.

Our Personal Care team are trained to be the pivotal link between independent in-home care and our clients. Our Personal Care team can mediate and offer solutions to crisis situations, as well as teach independent behavioral skills.

Our Life Care Planning program empowers the elderly generation in in our Senior Living to make decisions for themselves. The services of this program include:

We understand each person has different needs… let us know how we can help you.

Eye for Visionless Program

Having trouble with your vision? You're not alone. A large number of senior citizens all over the world experience vision loss. Our Eye for Visionless Program provides the tools and training for increased independence when your vision begins to fade.
Our Eye for Visionless Program offers many adaptive devices and techniques to improve your vision and to help make it easier to cope with daily life activities.

Swallowing Program

Vital Stim Therapy is a safe and effective, various governmental agencies approved treatment for patients with swallowing disorders. The goals of this program are to strengthen and reeducate the muscles in the throat and improve motor control of the swallowing mechanism. Research shows this method has a greater success in regaining normal swallow as opposed to traditional methods of exercise and diet modification alone.

Personal Safety Alerts (PSA)

An always-on, 24/7 Personal Electronic Monitoring System

Personal Care of the Shepherd Senior Living provides our patients with a Personal Safety Alert System. This is helpful with patients who are:

Help is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with just the click of a button. This program allows individuals to live independently in their own homes with fast response if they need help. It is easy to use and affordable.

In-Home Support Services (IHSS)

Our program will train and educate family members to care for their loved ones.

If you have a mind and dedication, you may qualify for this program. The program is designed to provide care, training & resources for care needed at home by elderly, disabled or children with disabilities. We can train and educate family members or friends to care for the client while they work as an employee of Personal Care of the Shepherd Senior Living. If no family member or friend is available, we will train a caregiver for the patient and their specific needs.

This training is provided at no charge to you through your Medicaid benefits and can include:

Our Home Wellness Program provides assistance with personal care and light housekeeping which enables people to remain independent in their homes.

Personal Care Providers assist individuals with the following:

Our Homemakers provide basic tasks of everyday living, such as:

Admission for Seniors
On Medical grounds
For General Reasons
Admission for Disabled - Non Senior Citizens
Admission for isolated due to non availability of kiths & kins near by to take care

A home away from home program for the parents of nonresident employees Stress relieving program for those who are stressed for non-availability of their dear and beloved

Daily Assistance

Our trained team of care givers aids residents with their activities of daily living (e.g., walking, grooming and assistance with meals.)

Social engagement

We provide a supportive atmosphere, frequent one-to-one attention, and a calendar full of activities to ensure each resident is socially engaged.

24 X 7 Care

Day and night shifts as well as a live-in facility manager ensures that care givers are available around the clock to manage emergencies.

Nutritious Meals

We serve nutritious and delicious Indian meals, snacks and tea. We also provide regular housekeeping and laundry services.

Nursing Care

We provide basic nursing care for those who need it including Ryle's tube feeding, bed sore management, catheterization, cannulization, wound dressing etc.

Dementia Care

We provide a specialized dementia care program that has been shown to reduce anxiety, repeated questions, aggression and depression.

Other than regular food and shelter:

In such cases, the Management will fix the electricity charges or provide a submeter for the said gadgets of the rooms and charges of the units of electricity consumed as in the sub meter is to be paid extra by the residents. The cost of the TV/Airconditioner machine/Computer and the charges for the set up, installation is to be borne by the residents. The cost of TV table, cable line installation and monthly cable line charges are also to be borne by the residents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to set standard of excellence for skilled nursing facilities by providing exceptional care that enhances the quality of life for our clients with respect and dignity.
Establish service oriented institutions based on humane, philanthropic and secular principles of love to provide food for the hungry, clothes for the unclad, shelter for the destitute, and care for the sick. Establish service oriented institutions based on the ethnic principle of love, fraternity, compassion and sacrifice

About the Founder

International Gospel Ministry

Molly T. Philip belongs to a traditional and conservative Jacobite Syrian Christian family from South India. She was brought up under a strict traditional Christian discipline. After completing her pre-requisites from the University of Kerala, she moved to Bombay.