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Shepherd Senior Living

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Shepherd Senior Living

Our Staff

Our staff are highly trained, passionate and dedicated to providing compassionate care for seniors. Our team includes facility managers, nurses, care assistants , housekeepers, laundry professionals, cooks and kitchen staff, security guards, volunteers and social workers.
Each home is well staffed with passionated, trained and uniformed professionals. Each individual takes pride in their work and we would love for you to meet them when you visit. Learn more about the different roles in our team and the staffing model and training behind each role.

Facility Manager (FM)

Each resident will have an individual plan of care developed to meet his or her specific needs. It will incorporate:

Care Assistants
F & B Manager and kitchen staff
Facility Nurse (FN)
Security guards

Our Mission

Our mission is to set standard of excellence for skilled nursing facilities by providing exceptional care that enhances the quality of life for our clients with respect and dignity.
Establish service oriented institutions based on humane, philanthropic and secular principles of love to provide food for the hungry, clothes for the unclad, shelter for the destitute, and care for the sick. Establish service oriented institutions based on the ethnic principle of love, fraternity, compassion and sacrifice

About the Founder

International Gospel Ministry

Molly T. Philip belongs to a traditional and conservative Jacobite Syrian Christian family from South India. She was brought up under a strict traditional Christian discipline. After completing her pre-requisites from the University of Kerala, she moved to Bombay.